The Mother Nature - What we are missing in our daily life??

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The Mother Nature - What we are missing in our daily life??

                We all are people with a small brain and a small heart. Maybe the size of both of the organs is very small but the capacity of these organs is very much big, vast. But I failed to use the space. Why I am saying this all today? The matter is that while I was thinking to write an article, but I am not able to think about which topic I should write. While I was thinking, one of my friend suggest me to do a thing, it might help me. She advised me to go on the roof of my house and sit under the vast sky and the peaceful nature and think about anything I want, I agreed to her words. Because the idea was good. I sat beneath the open sky and start thinking about what is going on in life and what are the problem going on in my life. I was always distracted. My mind gets distracted always when I think about the article topic. I was thinking that I was alone at that time. But is it right? That I was alone at that time. I got frustrated and came down and the next day again went to the roof and sit under the open sky. I was thinking that something is there that I am missing. What the missing thing is? The omnipresent thing that I am not able to feel and understand. 





The omnipresent thing is nature and the surrounding. From the chirping of a bird to the crawling of ant teaches us something in our life. But we are not feeling that all. The hard work is done by the small creature to the harmony done by the birds. The sky was just awesome to see. What I understand from this was how much the big sky is. There is no end, infinite. I am sitting on the roof of my home. Our thought space is so tiny. We think we know everything that is going on, on this planet; we are that much self -obsessed that we could think about some of the things that are around us. But we are still wrong. What we see on our eyes is not all the truth, many things are unseen. 



             Let us think about a bit high, we are in this soil, let's go a little bit higher we will find the sky, the sky is unlimited and infinite. Okay, let's go a bit higher then comes space. Space is also not measured and is infinite. Then comes our planet and this planet is a part of the solar system if we go higher complex. We will find that the planets bind up to form the Milky Way galaxy, like this Milky Way galaxy there are so many galaxies that are there. Maybe this galaxy is a part of a universe, and this type of universe may again form a galaxy. So think how much tiny thought space we have.  


                   A few days ago a sensational case was found; a minor girl who is a national level shooter allegedly shot her mother and brother in luck now.  She wrote in the mirror “that I am a disqualified human’. A few days ago again a shot put medalist arrested in the US for killing her wife and mother, He killed them and called her son and said that I killed your mother and grandmother call the police. He injured himself also. And interrogating his friend and his native police found that he was not that kind of person. In Bollywood Sushant Singh Rajput <a well popular actor> also committed suicide. Amid debate related to his suicide and nepotism and whatever it is. It is a kind of self-violence of mental health. The major key coming from the crowd of this violence is mental health frustration and anxiety. Sitting home from several months turning our mind and due to the change in socialization, we are demarcating more and more. We are limited to some extent. That the bed we are living to the news and TV, mobile phones, laptops. And our world is also demarcated into this all materialistic happiness. Yes, it is not wrong, but doing this all and busy on this thing may make your mind get bored and you might feel monotonous which leads you to think the unwanted bogus thing that may change into behavior and that may cause into some mental illness. Nature may heel it up. Why nature may heel it up. The beautiful thing anyone could able to see that is the foremost beauty is nature. Do really nature heals and fresh our mind and thinking? The answer is yes because it will give you pleasure happiness all the thoughts that are bogus will release from your mind via the fresh air and peace surrounding. And all the negativity and hate will change into positivity and love with the help of positive vibes of nature. Yes, it may help you to think better. What you do is that you have to feel the surrounding peacefulness and the vibes of nature. The birds, the insects, the trees the plants the sibling, the sky the clouds the air the warmth the coolness the breeze, etc... There has no end what you have to do is that you have to feel that and concentrate on that.


                   According to the great SwamiVivekanandaA scientist can send an electric shock to a distance of some miles, but nature can send it to an unlimited distance" The simplest meaning is that we are small but nature is vast and does not have any end. It is infinite.

And nature is not restricted to us (humans) but we are restricted to nature. We are not able to understand the power of the natural environment and surroundings. Due to this COVID pandemic, we have to leave at home and be in quarantine for several months,  

The simple thing is that there is great power in nature. We are just not able to understand that, realize that. For realizing this, just go on the top of the roof in the evening time and sit for a while. 

                                    BE SAFE BE HAPPY KEEP SMILING 






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The Mother Nature - What  we are missing in our daily life??