What is sex education and all about porn and its side effect

India is a country enriched with religion, tradition, and population. A country based with a 1.35 billion-plus population and still counting. I used the word blessed because due to culture or 'sanskar' we have been taught child are god-given after you get married. A rare fact that being the second most populated country in the world, still the word 'sex' is kind off banned in India. Isn't it ironic?

you cannot say the word 'sex'. By using the word sex you are doing crime. And using this word is against the culture. The country where the ideology of patriarchy is promoted. A sort of patriarchal society. Yes, the whole of India is not like this, having this sort of mentality. But a wide part of the country is affected by it. Why is this an issue? Does it have any link with rape? population? Misconception? Patriarchial mentality?

SEX definition

After a google search definition comes across.
1. the state of being either male or female or a transgender.
2. or simply intercourse.

Doing sex is good in India (I am saying this with the meaning of Intercourse). I can prove this. Simply our Indian population. But "ssshhhh" you can't say it publicly. Yes, you may take your 5 children in a single scooter supported by your wife by sitting at the last and carrying all the babies but you could not say it. So simple if you define sex by a language of Indian uncle "sex is a bad thing, don't do it" And if I had a chance to ask him in return that how you have a pack of children? but I could not because it is against our culture.

What is sex education?

If I have to define what sex education is? Then I would simply say a detailed explanation about the body parts and the changes due to sex. I am writing this article and I am definitely sure that my mother and father will be first to make an objection.

sex education is generally an education given to these children who are in a stage of adolescence. By which they could get the knowledge about what is sex? What is male genitalia and female genitalia? What is the menstrual cycle, mensuration? What is consent? What is STD (sexually transmitted disease)? What is reproduction? What is sexual attraction? What is homosexuality? being a fit in society a person is needed to know this all. Not knowing this what will happen? Isn't it normal? The answer is...

Yes, sex education is Important:

But why? What impact does it make in our daily life? And what impact is made in our sexual life and married life?
yes, it does. It makes an impact on our thought process. The literacy rate is at 74.04%, 93.91% is the literacy rate of Kerela and Bihar is with a literacy rate of 63.82%. Bihar is in second place(state) in India in the population. But I am not saying about general education only. It includes sex education also. In sex education there they teach the lesson of birth control, why we should control, and how you should control. Having that much population is a problem looking into the areal size. India has 3.287 million km^2 and having a population of 135.26 crores. whereas China has a population of 139.26 crores a bit higher than India, but they have an area of 9.597 million km^2. Three times are China has than India but having approximately the same population. So one of the main reasons for this uncontrolled population is sex education. The improper knowledge of  'contraceptive', pregnancy prevention measures. Lack of sex education cases causes Rape, porn addiction, STD(sexually transmitted disease) Homophobia, and so on. You may want to know how? so the reason is...

What is the effect of porn and how it damages the mind of teenagers and a few people for excessive watching?

at the stage of adolescence teenagers or mainly boys start watching porn. They start watching pron because any of his o her friend or senior in the school or in private tuition advise them to do so.  Due to there hormonal imbalance and due to puberty they are more likely to addict to this porn. and according to statistics, the inclination of watching porn turns them to watch a more aggressive category of porn because they got accustomed to the general category they watch so go for some new category which is more violent and the eagerness of doing sex increases in their mind. And the thinking that women are all time ready for having sex, adhered to their mind. They really don't know the meaning of consent. And watching porn provokes them to deny this idea. Because in porn there are many explicit contents and most of the porn shows the girl is ready to have sex in any condition shows the girl is ready to have sex in any condition any situation and mental health. One of the biggest reasons for abetting rape. They think that every girl is ready to have sex and when its opposite to what they saw and does not meet their expectation they become frustrated and they are more violent and abet rape and marital rape. This is not the only reason for rape, I know.  But this is one of the major reasons for rape and violence and sexual assault.

What are the side effects of porn?

There is nothing wrong with watching porn if you realize that they are actors and this few minute videos are directed by directors and are done in several takes and taking many medicated drugs for good performance. They do it for money and you should watch it for personal fantasy. taking all this seriously and reflect it significantly in everyday life and life goals may result in side effects.

What are the side effects that a porn addict may face
        1. feeling insecure 
                 watching pon they get a mentality that they are performing long and healthy sex which affects them in their life as they compare themselves with the adult film actors. the adult film industry uses types of drugs medication for their shoot. That may feel insecure for the porn addicts and may feel irritation and anxiety issues may develop in them. Which is not great for their social well being.
       2. Depression and lack of creativity 
                people watch porn when they are tired of whole day work or are in depression or in anxiety issues. and become an addict. This addiction does not help them to get relief or come out from the situation but they are more into that. They become more introverted and do not talk to anyone as they think people will judge and become self reluctant to talk about it. That may worsen the situation more and they may suffer from many mental health issues and sexual health issues.

       3. Worsen marital sex life and leads to marital rape
                they watch porn and learn many new things which are not good for everyone and every partner. But they expect that from their partner and when their partner denies. they become violent and force them without their consent. or when the partner does not fulfill their expectation may lead to an unhealthy sexual and marital relationship.
        4. May lead to the bad perspective of seeing women
                    porn says that women are all time ready to have sex, irrespective of their physical mental and social condition time, and anything. Which is totally wrong . And the actors are doing this for their own fantasy and money and this is a pre-planned shooting. You should not be messed up your real life with this fake life. It is only done for the audience's pleasure not to take this seriously. And real life is totally the opposite of this. 


How you can overcome the problem of watching excessive porn?

yes, it may affect your life if you become an addict and you should take some precautions and prevention and medication before it gets worsen. Few are some tips you should do
 1. consult a doctor 
2. do regular exercise 
3. spent time with family and try to be social 
4. do meditation 
5. divert your mind into some other good thing. start reading books or play games or be in something which may help you to get out of it.
6. Keep difference from reel life and real life. what they show us is a script and a fake realisation.

There are more to come in the next blog we are going to discuss 
    1. sex education is still a taboo in India 
    2. How sex education be helpful to maintain reproductive health 
    3.importance of sex education in India 
    4.Rape cases in India 
    5. sex education is a key to solving Indians sexual violence 
   so be with us we will be right back 

stay safe stay healthy keep smiling😊😊


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