How and why Graphene be used ? Graphene will soon take over the world. part-2

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How and why Graphene be used ? Graphene will soon take over the world. part-2

For what is graphene and its characteristics and power see this blog-link.


How can graphene be used?

Graphene has a huge potential. That's probably why the EU devoted 1.3 billion dollars research that supposed for a decade  (from 2013 to 2023). This extended to find out how graphene can after the very principles of the electronics ,health, construction and energy sectors. They are countless opportunities that graphene can provide to humidity.

A space elevator:-

This idea appeared in 1978 in sci-fi: novel by sir Arther Clark called 'The fountain of paradise. The elevator described in the book looked like a tower with paper thin walls and a hollow interior , idea of such an elevator sound completely out landish but if were built space would become accessible and affordable until the recently the main been finding materials light enough and strong to support an elevator. However discovery of graphene things may finally get off the ground.

Drinkable ocean water:-

Graphene may be the answer the water crisis many countries are forcing if we make membranes from graphene, they would be able to let water through. While filtering out salt at the same time . This would be a revolution in disatination technology. That membranes can also purify water. In fact in 2018 scientists from Australia's common wealth scientific and industrial research organisation made seawater drinkable after just a single use of a particular form of graphene called graph air. Dong-La and so one of the researchers said that this technology can make any water drinkable -no matter how dirty it is.

Super Strong Body Armor:-

1 layer of graphene is impressive enough can you imagine what we could achieve with two layer of super material , nothing short of incredible strong
body armour. Researcher from George tech have recently demonstrated how two atomic layers of graphene managed to remain intact after scientist tried to perforate them with diamond tip.

Health care:-

Scientists of Illinois have determined that graphene can assist in detecting cancerous cells in the body. Researcher from the universities of Texas have invented temporary tattoos that based on graphene. This tattoos are from simple body decoration. They can keep track of a persons  vital  including their level of hydration and skin temperatures.

Recharging gadgets:-

New batteries based on graphene well be able to charging credibly quickly . It will be possible for them to go from empty to full in just 15 minutes what's more  more they can be charged more that 3500 times for a regular battery. I can't ever keep my phone charged a day.

Flexible smartphone display:-

If producers start using graphene and gadget manufacturing. We might end up with flexible smartphones (which can based any direction) one of its graphene main property is its flexibility. Thus electronic based on graphene technology will inherit the same tract.

Running shoes for a new generation:-

Such running shoes had already been tested in the labs of the universities of manchester. They are different from other running shoes. Their difference
from other running shoes lies in the fact that their rubber outsoles are made with the outsols are made with the addition of graphene. As a result they are much stretchier and stronger than more common materials thus the shoes will last much longer.

Glowing wallpaper:-

Graphene may be the reason why light bulbs become a things of the past thin glowing wallpaper with graphene based electrode technology will provide pleasant and adjustable light. In addition such lighting will also be much more energy efficient than modern light bulbs.No Rust world As have already mentioned graphene is practically impermeable . Just one coating of graphene copper plates covered with such point may even be used as containers to hold extremely corrosive acids.

Safe hair dying:-

Graphene could be used in beauty industry it will be the perfect alternative to current hair dyes, most of which are still toxic and damaging to hair. In 2018, scientists from North western universities found out that graphene can be as affective  as permanent hair dyes without the need for toxic molecular ingredients. Also unlike other hair dyes, graphene has antibacterial, thermal dissipation and anti -static qualities. The experts sprayed a gel based on graphene film that was only 2 micron think. All the participant reported that the color stayed in the place even after 30 washes.

Can you make graphene at home?

Well you can potentially make graphene at home provided to do so you will need several pieces of sticky tapes and lead pencil after you deposit a thick layer of graphite onto a piece of paper use the second piece of sticky tape to remove a layer pf graphite from the first one. The third to piece of sticky  tape will peel off a layers of graphite thinner and thinner. In the end you are supposed to end up with a single layer of graphite which will be our two dimensional graphene. This method might be a little(much) but some of it won a Nobel prize after all. Apart from the Graphene production challenges are there. The only method by which we could produce large amount of graphene is very complex process ( of chemical vapor deposition, CVD) that involved the use of toxic chemicals to grow graphene as a mono-layer by exposing  platinum , Nickel or titanium carbide to ethylene or benzene at high temperature. And which is very much expensive as I said before.
so we all are very curious about the inventions related to graphene. So comment down below which characteristics or inventions you like the most and what will you do when you get graphene on your hands?


                      stay happy, stay healthy!

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