Graphene Is So Famous , But Why?? part-1

People are getting fuel right from air. water is drinkable from ocean, no issue of  drinkable water, metal do not  get rust, thinnest mobile phone, mobile phone with largest battery life. People do not have any need of LED bulbs replacing them with glowing wallpaper, human are becoming bionic steadily. That's what recent  fiction science movies showed to us. But wait, there is possible in future due to the wonderful material Graphene . But the wonderful fact about this futuristic semi metal that  you can produce it yourself in your living room.

what is Graphene and why it is so amazing ?

one of the thing that make graphene so much cool is that its the thinnest material you can imagine. It is just one atom thick this means this material is mathematically two-dimensional.And the amazing fact that you could still really blow our mind. A big 'WOW' factor. surprising graphene isn't a unique or rare substance in fact it has the same graphite you we every day when you draw or write with your pencil. But at the same time 0.03 inches of graphite there are about 3 million graphene layer.

who and how this wonder material discovered ?

Dr. konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim discovered the wonder material at 2004 at the university of Manchester. They were examining how graphite is as transistor . The story goes that graphene appeared thanks to sticky tape after professor Novoselov and Dr. Geim stuck this tape to piece of Graphite they pulled free a single layer of material this left them will graphene . In 2010 they were awarded and honoured by Nobel prize for their fantastic invention.

cost of graphene

Graphene is used to be incredibly expensive to manufacture it cost a whopping eleven hundred dollar 
($100) to produce enough graphene to cover the head of a pin however by the end of the 2015 you could point three fuie ounces of graphene for a thousand dollars (approx Rs 7,00,000 INR) due to optimized method of production specialists. Even better due to optimized methods of production specialists expect the price of this substance  to reduce even more it may eventually become a low as the cost of the material graphite.

characteristics of this wonderful material Graphene

* Graphene is incredibly stretchy it can stretch as much as 25% of the length.

*This material is actually very much stiff, actually its the hardest material people know about even harder than diamond and  that says a lot. In fact nothing less than an elephant balancing  on a sharpened pencil will be able to pierce the graphene. 

*Despite being two-dimensional graphene can still scene. The single layer of atom is perfectly visible to the naked eye and you don't even need to bother with a microscope.

*one more great thing is its relationship with electricity. This material carries electricity more quickly more pricesely and more efficiently than any other known material. The current density of graphene is many million times better than copper. And for its intrinsic mobility its much better than silicon , thus electrons have no resistance when they move through graphene. As a result , people can potentially we graphene to produce batteries that will have ten times the electric relention capacity of anything we have today.

*one more quality of graphene that scientist finds extremely interesting is its character of thermal expansion. It expands when it cooled and shrinks when it gets warm. There are no other example of material with a similar quality .All normal substances acts in the opposite way. Normal substance shrinks when they cooled and expands when they are heated.

*However hard you try you won't be able to squeeze even a single atom of Helium through graphene this make thus semi metal the most impermeable material discovered so far.

*consequently graphene can function as the ideal gas detector. At the same time the atoms have difficulties getting through graphene, there's nothing simplier for electrons.

*According to professor Geim . That makes this material perfect for conducting experiments in high speed quantum physics.

What about its applications ??(at the next blog)

Graphene has huge potential. That's probably why the EU devoted 13 billion dollars research thats supposed for a decade (from 2013 to 2023). This research is intended to find out how graphene can after the very principle of the electronics, health,construction, and energy sectors. So we will be right in the next blog how can graphene be used, how it will change the world economy , style , science and what are the challenges they had to face for production and make it possible of graphene


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